Something Like Spring - Jay Bell

A quick summary of the Something like series.

Summer: Ben's POV

Winter: Tim's POV

Autumn: Jace's POV and backstory

Spring: Jason's story


Spring is the fourth in the series by author Jay Bell.  It's classified as a YA book, but I think it transcends the genre.


Jason was taken from an abusive family life at 7, but he always believed that his mom would come back and get him. That was not the case. She died when he was 12. Being in the child service system for most of his life, he had given up finding a real home. Over twenty placing's and no connection.

Then he's placed with the Hubbard family and meets Caesar.  Let the drama ensue.


Will Jason ever feel like he fits in? Will he find a lasting love? Can he find a family?


Jace, Ben, and Tim all my their appearance in this book.


I can't recommend this series enough.


Note: Something Like Summer is being made into a movie.