Omorphi - C. Kennedy, Jamie Mayfield



Christy is the son of a wealthy, powerful Greek business man. Sounds like a dream, but in reality it's a nightmare. After years of horrible abuse and torture he was rescued and hidden away in a treatment center in the US. Recovering from both physical and mental trauma he tries to adjust to his new reality.



Michael is the star athlete on the track team. He notices a beautiful boy following him around. Intrigued, he finds himself quickly falling for this quiet, fragile, very pretty boy.

Their new relationship is quickly put to the test buy by both fellow students, and evil men from Kristy's past.




Omorphi is an engrossing story. It also a surprising lengthy m/m and YA novel which seems to be a rarity. The character, Christy, a fragile, traumatize individual is handled in a thoughtful manner.  Some of the scene are indeed hard to read, but I believe the author balanced the amount of detail needed without it being horrifyingly explicit.


Overall good storytelling, but it does suffer from overly dramatic unnecessary plot twists. (The whole Jason side plot was really unnecessary for me.) Some of the dialogue throughout the book is inconsistent with the character's ages.


All said I still enjoyed the tale. It was worth both my time and money. 


Heat rating is low.  Love scenes are mild and non-explicit.