My Heartache Cowboy: (Intermix) - Z.A. Maxfield

I'm a little conflicted with "The Heartache Cowboy." I liked the overall theme and respected the author for taking on a character that's steps away from the cookie cutter male proto-type.


What blindsided me was that half way through the story there is serve left turn into m/m/m territory. And while I was reading this and then began skimming, because the sex scenes seem to go on and on. I found myself wanting to put the book down and walk away. It felt wrong, not bad, but not right for the characters.


And, of course, that was the point.


This story is about two cowboys that had been a couple, just not lovers, for some 15 years. And this third person is the catalyst for their relationship to move forward. 


So I'm conflicted. There are parts I liked and parts that didn't work for me. In the end I liked the ending, but find myself wondering if I liked the book in its entirety.


Is it something I would reread later? No


Would I recommend it? Maybe,  for those individuals who are comfortable rereading m/m/m romances. Who's to say another person won't love it???




*** It's been a couples days since I've finished this book.  I find myself feeling more disgruntled and annoyed about the storyline. So I've change my rating downward.